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M.Y.lab is a commercial organisation of carpentry training.  We hoped to create a church-like space in this 10-metre-high factory space, providing spiritual experience for visitors, reforming wood crafting into a ceremonial and commemorative activity.

Two streamlines are setup in response to the space sequence. One is a route for professionally trained members, providing access to potentially dangerous mechanical equipment. The other route is for non-members’ visit, while working as a partition to separate the operation zone and public areas on open days.

The space, as a result, was divided into three sections. The top section retained the original second floor slab, and was converted into a white water bar/rental space, and a black enclosed arcade underneath as a guide to the entrance.

While the 10-metre-high main section was maintained as its scale, we inserted a double-sloping roof of film faced birch plywood levitating above the first floor, and configured lighting and air-conditioning services in accordance with the plywood modules.

In the lower section, the integration of exposed red brick walls and carpentry scenarios along with the slopping roof brought about a church-like space, wherein a sense of ritual is endowed to the art of crafting, and interactions constantly occurring between trainees and the visitors.

项目名称        M.Y.Lab木艺实验室

Name             M.Y.Lab Wood Workshop

项目地点        北京

Location        Beijing

项目规模        约400㎡

Area               Approx. 400㎡

项目类型        教育培训

Genre             Education and Training

建成时间        2018年

Completed   2018


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