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鱼乐山房 Yule Mountain Resort








Completed Year


Linan, Zhejiang

约1100 ㎡

Approx. 1100㎡


Holiday Homestay







Yule Mountain Resort is located by Taihuyuan Creek, surrounded by a provincial highway and mountain slopes. The site is nearly 3 metres higher than the highway, where direct access to the site is available through a set of steps. Several wooden corridors are laid along in-between. The main building on the site was formerly of 4-storey and antique style with 30 rooms. The owner hoped to reduce the amount of rooms and enhance the spatial experience for guests’ staying.

Inspired by the site itself, to re-choreograph the relations between the creek, highway, courtyards and buildings to generate a narrative spatial sequence was the key factor to set off the design. The dispersed corridors were merged into a 30-metre long interface, stretching the distance between the highway and the lobby to obtain a richer viewing of the surrounding vista along the way. Each end of the interface accommodates a reception and a pavilion.

The courtyard in the site was transformed into a shallow pool as an installation of water reflection, enclosed by walls and a continuous corridor, detaching the terraces on the other side where activities and events are held. The zoning provides serene experience of living in nature for guests in rooms overlooking the pool, with spatial perspective expanded by the water reflection of the sky.

The original 5 rooms on each floor of the main building were rearranged into three. A balcony extends from each room, of which privacy is enhanced by flittering the scenery through the trellis on the facade. In addition, timber doors and window frames from the original building was collected and reapplied onto the building by the creek, weaving its facade into a collage of history.

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