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工作室设计作品曾多次发表于Domus、有方、ArchDaily、ID+C、谷德网 以及 Architizer 、Wallpaper、建筑实践、建筑学报、UED城市环境设计、UA城市建筑、2017中国建筑实录、2018中国建筑艺术年鉴、2019建筑设计年鉴、室内设计师、Archello、Trends、世界民宿地图、体验店设计等多家媒体平台。

主持建筑师范久江曾获“Domus创意青年100+”称号,获得2019香港’ Perspective's 40 under 40 Award’ 优秀建筑师称号,现担任上海交通大学建筑学院客座讲师,曾担任中国美术学院建筑艺术学院及东南大学建筑学院研究生院客座评图导师,并受邀成为江苏省城乡规划设计院特聘设计师。

​About Continuation Studio

Continuation Studio, founded by Fan Jiujiang in Hangzhou in 2015, is a research based design studio with about 15 people. The studio insists on starting from basic architectural questions, aims at intelligent and poetic construction, and studies the content of all aspects of construction activities, concerns about landscape, material, structure, tectonics and form under natural and cultural background. The team continues to intervene in community and urban construction in the way of space production. The team believes that designers should have appropriate values and foreseeability from the perspective of anthropology to utilise the relation amongst architectures, users and designers, which “continuously” forms mutual influence and changes.

Design works have been published in renowned journals and media platforms including Domus, ArchiPosition, ArchDaily, ID+C, Gooood, Architizer, Wallpaper, Architecture Practice, Architectural Journal, Urban Environment Design, Urbanism and Architecture, Architectural Record China 2017, Chinese Architectural Art Yearbook 2018, Chinese Architectural Art Yearbook 2019, Interior Designers, Archello,Trends, Fantastic Escape: Architecture Design for Stylish Stays, and Showroom Design, to name a few.

Lead architect Fan Jiujiang had obtained the title of ‘Domus Creative Talents 100+’, the winner of  ’Perspective’s 40 under 40 Architeture Award’ in 2019. Currently a guest lecturer at the School of Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,had served as a visiting tutor at both the School of Architecture and Art of China Academy of Fine Arts,  and the Graduate School of Architecture of Southeast University, and had been invited by Jiangsu Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute as a special designer.


Continuation Studio, 20# in Asian garden, West lake district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. 



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